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Welcome on board Admiral, Dublin's nautically themed restaurant

Welcome on board Admiral, Dublin’s nautically themed restaurant. Within these walls you will be immersed in a sea going adventure mixed with the modern elegance of one of the Dublin’s top restaurants!

Admiral is primarily a Russian restaurant, on of a kind in Dublin. Its owners pride themselves on the authentic Russian and eastern European staples. It also has a widely varied menu which it’s internationally acclaimed chefs have selected from their travels. Therefore the menu is not limited to just their Russian delicacies. The attentive staff will be more than happy to guide you through the choices on offer from traditional Eastern-European delights to familiar Western dishes.

The interior of the restaurant is a wonderland of cave walls, ship rigging and spectacular porthole aquariums each complete with exotic fish. The staffs perfect the illusion with their immaculately themed costumes. The location is second to none being a mere 50 yards from Dublin’s main thoroughfare, O’Connell Street and the prominent Gresham Hotel. There is also a secure car park next to Admiral, bus stops and a taxi rank right outside.

Hardy sailors can dock nearby at the river Liffey to!

Admiral is a much talked about restaurant in Dublin’s social scene and is famed for its signature dish, Fresh Lobster Admiral served with Tiger Prawns, salad and Madeira sauce. Other tempting dishes are the lamb stew Hot-Pot or the Pan Fried Duck Fillet.

Set Sail for Admiral today, your place at the captain’s table awaits!