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The golf course impinges on part of the tree rich demesne in particular Holes No. 1 and No. 2. The pathway from the clubhouse to the 1st Tee is a tree-lined avenue between giant pine trees, which give an atmosphere of calm, and relaxation. Other parts of the course are on agricultural farmland with panoramic views of the Dublin Mountains. Holes No’s 3, 4, 5 and 6 have as a backdrop the mature woodland of the Liffey Valley which gives the course an extra dimension as being part of a mature woodland landscape.

Castleknock Golf Course is constructed to the highest specifications. Greens are constructed to full USGA recommendations. Greens average 700 sq.m. in playing area and are subtly contoured with maximum pin positions. Grasses used on the greens are the modern creeping bentgrass mix of G6 and A4, which allows for cutting heights down to 2.5mm. All greens are fully irrigated with each sprinkler head capable of being individually controlled, which allows exact watering in all weather conditions. Green approaches are similarly irrigated. A Chipping Green of 800 sq.m. and a Practice Putting Green of 1,000 sq.m. has also been constructed. A large Nursery Green is available in case of any mishap.

Tees are large complexes with the Par 3 tees measuring up to 550 sq.m. while Par 4 and Par 5 tees are up to 500 sq.m. Tees constructed as the greens to USGA recommendations and are individually irrigated.

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