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  • Name: Irish Agricultural Museum
  • Address: Murntown, Co. Wexford
  • Phone Number: 053 9171247
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The Irish Agricultural Museum showcases exhibitions of country life and displays a vast array of artefacts relating to a bygone era. The collections include carts, ploughs, country dressers and sugan chairs.  A number of exhibitions focus on farming and the activities of the farmyard, which tell the stories of the changes and technological advances in farming. In the Transport exhibition we have beautifully restored farm and rural carts with a comprehensive display of the Ferguson tractor system. The Great Famine exhibition describes what life was like before, during and after the famine. Johnstown Castle is the focus of another exhibition, which illustrates how this impressive estate originated and developed. The Irish Agricultural Museum aims to generate a holistic approach to the history of Irish agriculture, encompassing all aspects of farming and rural life ranging from working the land to running the household.