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Like many Irish cities over the last twenty years, Limerick has seized the opportunity to reinvent itself and has become a place of thriving energy, new skylines and exciting possibilities. It’s always had an outward-looking perspective on the world, but its prowess in business, technology, rugby and manufacturing mark it out as fiercely proud. In short, it’s a town like no other and when it comes to Limerick hotels, ours is in the perfect location.

The people of Limerick have always been quick to welcome outsiders into their world, and Jurys Inn Limerick hotel has long been part of the tradition. Located along the banks of the beautiful Shannon, the hotel is 24 km from the international airport of the same name and just minutes from Limerick Station’s rail and road hub, making it the perfect choice for people looking for hotels in Limerick city. As a business and cultural destination on Ireland’s southwest coast you won’t find more exceptional value, friendliness or convenience.
Our spacious and comfortable rooms are all en-suite and can accommodate three adults, two adults and two children, or just one person in complete comfort. Click here for more information.

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