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  • Name: Olympia Theatre
  • Address: 72 Dame Street, Dublin 2
  • Phone Number: 01 679 3323
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The History Of The Olympia Theatre

No building in Dublin recalls the Victorian Music Hall more readily than the Olympia Theatre, with its glass canopy, supported by ornamental pillar and wrought iron scrollwork.Situated opposite Dublin Castle in the heart of the city, the theatre was designed by John Callaghan, a well known architect of the time, for Dan Lowrey who opened his new theatre, known as The Star of Erin, on the site of the present Olympia Theatre on December 22nd, 1878.

The entrance was at 12 Crampton Court, an old-world courtyard of coffee and antique shops. For seventeen years under Dan, his sons & grandsons, The Star played host to all the great names in international vaudeville.

In June 1897, Lowrey's was closed and remodelled and in August of that year it reopened as The Empire Palace Theatre of Varieties.  So it happens that the theatre we now call The Olympia, this beautiful Rococo building, is almost precisely as it was on that August day in 1897.  The new entrance from Dame Street actually runs under Lowrey’s old stage.

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