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The Royal Dublin Golf Club celebrated its 125th Anniversary in 2010 which makes it the second oldest Golf Club in Ireland. The Club was instituted at a meeting held at No. 19 Grafton Street in May 1885, pioneered by a Scottish banker - John Lumsden. Originally called Dublin Golf Club, (it received its Royal designation in 1891 - when there were 250 members paying £2 annual subscription - the entrance fee was 8 guineas), and was located near the Magazine Fort in the Phoenix Park. In 1889 The Club moved to its present home here on the Bull Island, (the name is derived from the locality, Clontarf, which in Gaelic is Cluain Tairbh meaning the Bull's Meadow).

Captain William Bligh of 'Mutiny on the Bounty' fame was, in the early 1800s, one of those invited to solve the long standing problems of providing shipping with a safe, straight and deep approach into Dublin. As a result, it was decided to build a sea wall two miles out from the shore. The resulting sand bank, Bull Island, still continues to grow. The timber bridge was built in the autumn of 1819 and the Great North Wall, more popularly known as the Bull Wall, was completed by 1823.

Royal Dublin owns the entire golf links which covers some 65 hectares. The Bull Island is a bird sanctuary and a special amenity area with major scientific importance because of its variety of plant and wildlife (particularly hares and foxes)

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