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Craggaunowen-The Living Past Experience is Ireland's original award winning Pre-Historic Park. Situated on 50 acres of wooded grounds, the Park interprets Ireland's pre-historic and early Christian eras. It features a stunning recreation of some of the homesteads, animals and artefacts which existed in Ireland during those time periods. Visitors can, for example, see a replica of a Crannóg (Lake Dwelling), Ring Fort, an Iron Age Roadway, and an outdoor cooking site. A major feature is the 'Brendan Boat' built by Tim Severin who sailed from Ireland to Newfoundland, re-enacting the voyage of St. Brendan, reputed to have discovered America centuries before Columbus. Visit Craggaunowen Castle built in 1550 standing defiantly on a crag overlooking the lake. See rare animal breeds such as Soay sheep and wild boar - specimens of the pre-historic era.