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Waterways Ireland is a North / South Implementation Body established in 1999 under the British - Irish Agreement Act, It is charged with the management, maintenance, development and restoration of the following inland navigable waterway systems throughout the island of Ireland, principally for recreational purposes:

  • Grand Canal
  • Royal Canal
  • Barrow Navigation
  • Erne System
  • Shannon Erne Water
  • Shannon Navigation
  • Lower Bann Navigation
The heritage and amenity values of the Waterways are being recognised as restoration of the waterways continues. As part of the overall optimism, a decision was taken to build a Waterways Visitor Centre to explain and promote the waterways to the general public.
For several reasons, the centre was build in the Grand Canal Docks in Ringsend, It seems appropriate, given the long association of the area with the commercial past of the waterways that the basin was given a role in their new recreation future . The docklands area has been designated a rejuvenation area and the Centre helps create a water-based focus for the new developments there.
The design of the centre drew its inspiration from the physical forms of the nearby buildings , most of which are large and have simple geometry. The box in the Docks is made up of primary elements of cube, cylinder and triangle, combined with beams and columns. The choice of materials throughout reflected boat and ship design, with metal outside and timber inside.
When it opened, the building won a regional award from the Royal Institue of Architects in Ireland (RIAI) and was short-listed for the RIAI gold medal. It was included in the list of the top ten buildings for the triennial medal at that time. In 1999 it represented Dublin in Capitals of Europe, and exhibition of City Architecture that took place in Berlin.

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